These Environmentalists Film Blowjobs to Save Mother Earth
Ever since the free-lovin’ 1960s, lefty types have combined sexual liberation with environmentalism, but never so literally as the men and women behind Fuck for Forest. The German nonprofit makes porn—often featuring stereotypically dreadlocked, tattooed hippies banging each other in Berlin parks or cramped apartments—then sells it to raise money for conservation efforts around the globe.

"Autumn In 1999 Suburbia pt 2" a 90s mix by
This is an ideal mix to listen to while cleaning your dorm room or apartment, or it could make for good background music for a small social gathering (6-8 people max). 
Dump - International Airport
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Cold To The Touch
Elliot Smith - Rose Parade
Beck - Flavor
Belle and Sebastian - Get Me Away From Here I’m Dying
Guided By Voices - If We Wait
Pavement - Here
Butter 08 - How Do I Relax
The Beastie Boys - Live At PJ’s
Handsome Boy Modeling School - Rock N Roll
Harvey Danger - Save It For Later
Daniel Johnston - Held The Hand
Built To Spill - Sidewalk
The Magnetic Fields - The Saddest Story Ever Told
Slowdive - Shine

James Blake feat. Chance the Rapper - “Life Round Here” (Official Video)
You Need To Hear This has the official video for the new single “Life Round Here”, a collaboration between James Blake and Chance The Rapper.
The video, shot entirely in black and white, tracks Blake and Chance as they cruise in a lowrider through an eerie forest inhabited by stallions and Somalian pirates. 

#Hypebeast #Daft Punk #Pharrell #Pharrell Williams


Sed Non Satiata - Des ruines